A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Idu is about growing simulated plants where every single leaf competes for resources.
Strategize, rebuild the whole island, and design irrigation systems for unruly growth in a sandbox world. Watch enormous trees sprout from seed to sapling, one leaf bud and twig at a time. Try to obtain harmony between neighboring herbs, bushes, vines and trees, as they compete for sunlight on the barren concrete.
Will you be able to nurture a grove?

馃尡  Each plant is its own brain! 

  • Complex, fully simulated plant lifecycle and appearance.
    Every leaf decides how and where the whole plant will continue growing, as photosynthesis, simulated roots with water uptake and more dictate the twists and turns of every shoot, twig, and resulting branches, leaves and flowers.
  • Butterfly effect: even a couple of covered leaves might cause the plant to fight for its life, stemming from low sugar. Yet some plants seem to grow better in the shade of another or overtake the whole orchard. Become a botanist to figure it out!
  • Grow 6 different species of plants, all producing meaningfully unique specimens.
  • Prune branches, observing immediate changes in plant growth and behavior.
  • Expect the unpredictable: there's no pre-determined equilibrium.
    The results of pruning, watering too much or too little, and anything else in the environment will affect every specimen's branching and lifecycle differently.
    Just experiment!

馃敡 Sandbox world

  • Craft and cast spells
    Make your way around by crafting ladders, irrigate everything by building pipes in any imaginable direction, and rebuild the island block-by-block… but don鈥檛 forget to tend to the plants!
  • Create waterfalls, streams, pools, and dams with fully interactive water, saturating and flowing through porous materials.

馃 Flower power

  • Catch flower signals with antennas
    Currently experimental!

馃  Wild, not cultivated

  • No management of identical gardening crops or villagers

  • No goals: just follow your own imagination and explorative spirit.
    Experiment and study the surroundings like a true explorer! Build your own gardens and let the plants surprise you.

The game is still in early development, so we'll be adding more features and polishing the gameplay experience, interface, and graphics.

Your feedback means a lot to our tiny team of two 馃挌


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