Update 14

Eli is busy with university and recovering from illness, so excuse the missing formatting, weird phrasing and generally dryer tone for this announcement. This update is mostly about adding some new things to build with that aren't just blocks and changing the world generator to output levels that are more interesting to play in.

The issue with the previous level generator was that it didn't inspire the player to build anything and had very limited options for growing things without major terraforming projects. There were too many large flat surfaces, turning pipe building from a puzzle to a chore.

The vertical dimension was also mostly wasted. The player could have built a garden that spans all the 3 levels, but all the levels were largely separated which made it hard to build a garden that weaves all the different levels together in an interesting way.

And finally, because the generator attempted to build a world that was perfectly traversable from the start, there wasn't any point to build bridges, ladders and stairs. Everything was already there. Some players ended up repairing the damage to the original structures, others built a farming field on the level ground, ran the pipes to it and called it a day.

Old generator

An illustration of the issues with the previous generator

The new generator was designed to solve all these issues. It's simpler and generates less recognizable and less realistic worlds. However, it is much more interesting to explore, requires the player to actually build access to different levels and is generally more inviting for the player to channel their creativity, to make the small concrete island really their own.

New Generator

The new generator creates a much more broken up and vertical environment

Major changes:

  • Added metal walkways
  • Added metal beams
  • Reworked sand meshes
  • Reduced video memory consumption for large plants
  • New level generation algorithm

Minor changes:

  • Moved decorative concrete blocks to the build menu
  • Fixed some crashes (probably added some new ones as well)
  • stopped plants from growing under water
  • balanced plant growth and water consumption
  • Improved leaf alignment (plants now look less flat)
  • Reduced the fog amount
  • Fixed invalid soil moisture display
  • Increased waterfruit flower density to make converters more efficient
  • Gabion can now be placed in a line, like all the other blocks
  • Some easier fixes from the bug reports channel
  • Increased metal drop rate 6x to make the new metal structures cheaper to build. 
  • Increased the cost for water structures by 2-4x. In practice, they're still cheaper than before,because of the metal drop rate increase.


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