Demo Version 9 Available: New Worlds!

Happy new-Idu-release Sunday everyone!

If you felt like the previous islands with plain concrete walls smushed together were really boring and unmotivating, then this is for you.

We created completely new worlds that make way more sense and are easier to get around and build gardens in!

We also improved inventory management, accessibility, and readability, and fixed the bugs discovered in the previous demo.


  • Completely new world generation with new buildings, stairs, caves, paths, and beaches! This also helps with obtaining all of the different seeds and metals from specific areas.
  • Changed all craftable structures to cost 5x less metal and changed the metal block to give 5x less material. This should help a bit with inventory management.
  • Renamed “Concrete Boxes” to “Seed Boxes” to lessen the confusion
  • Rewrote the help text to explain the game mechanics better
  • Added a configurable FOV and fullscreen toggle into the settings
  • Added a dark background to the text to improve readability
  • Added wind that affects tree branches as well, instead of just leaves


  • Fixed black patches on the plant trunk
  • Fixed crash from waterfalls at world edge
  • Fixed lag spikes when dropping items
  • Fixed seed packet texture
  • Fixed screenshots enabling the pause menu
  • Fixed an inactive window enabling the pause menu
  • Fixed ladders not working after loading a game
  • Fixed the bug where clicking “Continue” in the pause menu interacted with nearby items in-game

As we go along with releasing regular demo updates, we'll also write a longer post about our future plans for the game concerning the gameplay and more.
We'd also love to see your screenshots in our comfy Discord community where you can follow our dev process more closely and have fun with other virtual botanists 💚

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Feb 23, 2023

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